Monday, June 22, 2009


WEE havn't blogged in forever! I'm using Emma's laptop because someone spilled water on my laptopo! =( So I'm going to invest in a new one. Yay...What's been going on lately guys? Hmm well!! So far, I'm working two jobs. I just started Metropark about 3 week ago, going well =) Ppl are nice so far, hopefully it stays like that. Pea in the Pod is still going great. Love working with those ladies. Ummm I booked a gig doing a hip hop video reel. Pays $415. We start rehearsals next week. Matt, Dee, Kym, Jawkeen, & Tal also booked it. Along with about 3 others. All dope dancers =) It's a sick team we have ha. Everything financially is turning around for me. Money is just coming my way and I can't wait to start saving again.

I saw Reggie Darlene and Jonathan the other day at Fashion Show =) It was actually nice seeing them. Hope all is well for you two and Jonathan keep your head up. We are the same damnit. HAHA. LION KING MUTHA FUTCHAAAAS! lol.

UMM! EJ is well. Going on 7 months.

The Thackerville house is losing a member =( Our beloved Jane Kim is moving out! I'm so sad..but she'll be there all the time! Hehe. Love you and will miss you Jane!

Meccamee party is on wednesday and hopefully I can make it =) Miss the fam.

I'm drinking a red gummy beat smoothie right now and it's so bomb. But white is still better haha. AHHh i'm going crazy it taste so yummyful.

I'm going to have a fantastic day tomorrow!


  1. bitch! you did effin show up at micos liek you were supposed to!!!!!!!