Sunday, June 28, 2009


so today we started rehearsal formthe video reel. learned 3 pieces. first was ditch that by joelle. girls and guys part to it. hate floor work damnit haha. then while the guys were learning their part, we learned our girly sassy piece...damn them girls get down on their freestyle lmao. me and guelia are nonghetto freestylers. its a cute dance :) ripped ha. jk. um then the audition piece by busta. g-summin? inntro some bboyish floor work in the beginning...then the dance then the partner part. i was supposed to be with matt but im too short haha so im stuck with tal. then girls piece return the favor by miss keri babyyyyyyy. yadada. our hair and make up gon be done did up diggity shizzz. haha. yay. k sleeeeeep

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