Tuesday, July 28, 2009


How are you guys doing? I miss blogging for sure so what's new?! Hm I'm planning to move back with my mom or uncle's. HOPEFULLY. If not then I'm screwed haha. I'm taking a big risk quiting Metro so I can pursue my dancing...Oh lord. It's hard hustling to dance though. I'm waiting for EJ to get off work and I'm bored outta my mind! GEEZ. Ok well Idk what to type just wanted to say a quick hello there!

Meccamee has plenty of shows coming up and festivities. Auditions, Juice 2, performance at a Hookah Lounge, Meccamee's first company class, BNP performance...GEESH! Super excited though, it'll be a fun week. Well I'm off to prolly watch a movie or sleep. BYE!

Daffi I miss you and I hope everything is oK =)

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  1. i miss you alexis michelle. we need to catch up already! sheeeshhhh!