Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So my trip so far has been fun =) First day Emmanuel, Dee & I went to Huntington Beach. THe boys boogie boarded in the water...it was too cold for me so I just layed on my towel. The weather was beautiful. We were there for a couple of hours..then we left to go to McDonalds to wait for Eman's lady. Met her and shes cute hehe. So dee & I drove home to Aubrie's. Her parents were extra nice to us =) Cooked us breakfast and errthang. SOO! I got a free camera..it's kinda janky but it works for now =) Thanx Jenise! I bought a memory stick for it hehe..

So day 2! I hung out with Jenise and my two best friends from I-Poly!!! Elizabeth and Jonathan...it was toooo much fun! Jenise loves them. && they love her. We were just laughing so damn much the whole time. Went to Fuddruckers=BOMB! Then we went to Velvet Room, a hookah bar. It was cute. Met Eli's man. He's super nice!!! Payed for our hookah =) Awww. Then they dropped me off. Then I went with Dee to get McDonalds...and lemme tell you. Dee is a garb driver...HAHA it's so funny thought. He went to make a u-turn at a RED LIGHT and a car coming had a green light...but the car with the green light stopped...so Dee just slowly went...it was hilarious...omgsh we were cracking up so baddd.

Day 3! Day 3 damn an adventure haha. Guppy Tea House in the morning with jenise. BOMB. Ate strawberry banana shaved ice. YUM! Tried to finish it but we FAILED. Then to Puente Hills Mall in Rowland Heights. That's the spot everyone went to in middle school to meet up with their lovers behind their parents back haha. THENN!! We went to my grandmas house =) She was nice to me. She got AC installed in that joint! Finally! GEEZ. Bob was happy to see me too =) Gave me a hugeeeeee hug. THEN I copped a few records from there lol. Good seeing them. THEN we all went to Westfield Mall. Ha...tried to kill time before 6....We were all just acting stupid and being bored. Jenise said Dee & I act like a married couple cuz we fight a lot haha. It's funny though. Dee and I are like siblings lol. We make Jenise laugh so damn much haha. "BRING IT!" hhahahaha. HM. So after Dee & I went to Huntington Beach for $5 taco night! haha it was pretty good. We were singing random songs on the way there. "Okay okayyy okay okay...okay okayyy..okaaay okaaaaaaaay...okaaay okaaaay!" hahahaha. over and over and over. Oh gosh so funny. He thinks I have weird music. "What do you call this type of music?? Alter-NAtive?" Wth Dee..hahaha. So we ate...my treat...then went to Downtown Disney. We parked so damn far damnit. THEN! We walked around...many inside jokes...laughed...he bought kettle corn..yum..I bought a cute stuffed animal of Minnie =) Like those soft pillow things! So cute! Then we watched the firework show! He felt like crying and I did too haha. Gays....Then we tried to take pics on the "California" letters...failed. Camera is retarded. Then we walked back. HMPH! Then home skee =)

Ok I'm going to call boo boo stain cuz I miss him a lot =( I wish he was with me...

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