Thursday, August 13, 2009


Damnit I miss blogging! I missed out on so much to talk about it kind of sucks. WELL! Jenise Torres was here for like 2 weeks! =) We had mucho fun watching every movie in the universe...I rarely worked so I spent a lot of time with her. She came to our rehearsals, she came to our shows, she came to this that this. Didn't even complain. She had guys all over her. Haha jk =) But yeah! We went to Eyecandy with Jen, Miki, Thug, & Jaycestine. Dude one of the best nights...We were all dancing, Jenise getting it from a niggah, lmao. I went up on the mini stage thing with Justine and Jenise, people were taking pictures hahaha. So funny. I came down and people were like OMGAH YOU'RE SO GOOD! lol dude it's just having fun hahaha. Then Jenise and Thuggie got carded lol. So we left to go to Centrifuge..Butta was workin...I was bored and wanted to go home cuz I was paranoid LOL. I ain't gonna lie shit...HMM!

Dancing is going well I guess. I'm going to start teaching at The Rock next week. Every Wednesday at 2:30 for 3 months. We just had another shoot for the Dance Adicktion vid. We did a rock piece and my neck hurts now. Aaron choreographed a piece and made his own looked pretty good haha. Ummmm auditions are coming up! 2 weeks! I can't wait. Yadada yeeeeeee. 2 performances coming up I believe. Not too excited for that...

I'm moving back with my mama. Starting in September =) Hopefully she can help me out with certain things. We shall see. I don't really get along with her. BLAH!

Boyfriend is great. Going on 9 months. Yadada. Um he took me scootering in the park...I don't know how to ride that thing without being scared...what a big gay I am. We saw 500 days of Summer, took a nap in the park. UM! Idk..Love you boo. He's at work right now and I miss him dearly..I love you so much Emmanuel Mones Barba Junior. I'm going to marry this man guys. No doubt about that. Jenise told me " I really want what you and Ej have..." And that got my attention. We have something special and real. No matter how much we fight, it's always going to work out. I love you my baby =)

Ok I don't know what else to type. I just wished I had a laptop so I could keep up with everything going on. Dangit! Ok good day!

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