Monday, August 31, 2009


So I am now living at the barba house for a bit till everything is back on track! It's like my third day here...Emma and Ej are at school.I believe Emma is coming home soonsies =) YAY! We are starting p90x tmrw!! Since we failed today...

OH! a couple of us girls went to RA last night...Stefan was spinnin and he told me Ileri is GORGEOUS! hahaha..Well our waitress was a BITZ. LOL! She came for our drinks, and then she didn't come back for like 15 minutes...da hell! We was hungry! SOOO she finally came ordered...and Nicole was all pissed haha. She was horrible...never asked if everyone if they were ok. So the bill came and we all paid..and Nicole decided to put a shit load of she came back and looked around like a "wtf" face lookinass..and she was all "What do you want me to do with this?" & like we all looked around and she took the bill. Another person brang it Ileri asked for the manager...cuz she was just giving stank vibes the whole time haha. Oh gosh those girls lol so hilarious. Ileri talked to the manager...we have free appetizers next time =) LOL. Then we walk out...and start doing random shiz...hehe. Dance in the parking lot...Bern & Nicole were jerking hahaha. Too funny. Then called it a night =)

UMM! Meccamee auditions were dope. Ej & I taught. Good turn out. Can't wait till SATURDAY! Mini show! Yee!

Oh everyone I'm having a "debut" for my 19th birthday! LOL Daffi and Emma are planning it out for me. So random! A random decision at Cane's lol. It's going to be at the Barba Residence...October 10th. YAY! I love it..Thank you Daffi you're the bestest friend. =)

OK that's it ! Oh and..


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