Thursday, September 24, 2009

Officially Missing You

Hello blogging world. I actually went job hunting today. YAY. I feel better about myself. Now my boyfriend is standing next to me reading this and it's very weird. Oh and Maia came in breathing up a storm. Umm I don't have much to type cool videos to show..or picture. So yeah....umm...

I love my boyfriend very much. =) I miss him even though we stay together. We don't hang out as's just like a bland we're just there. We havn't talked in a long time about anything, we havn't kicked it freely, we havn't just watched tv's crazy. So I just wanna say how much I miss him =( We co-direct Meccamee that's a bond?! Haha...but it's a have to thing...and theres a freakini grasshopper on the floor! EEEEP! Nasty. Well i'm pretty bummed how our relationship is...but it will get better in the is the hard times. *Maias pushing the grasshopper with her nose hahahaha so damn cute* Ok anyways! Ej Barba, I miss you so much. You're my everything but I may not show it. I love you in your army uniform. I love your smooth body. I love your cute ass smile. I love how you feed me. I love when you make your sad face and squint your eyes. I love when you pet Maia haha. I love your routine in cracking your back. I love your crooked tooth. I love when you sneeze three times in a row. I love/hate when you pick your nose randomly it's too funny. I love how you always go online and go to nicekicks/kanye blog/pickyourshoes/music sites. I love how you love me. Baby I love you! We're together and that's all that matters. Even though you check out other girls it's ok! lol. Futcher. I'm getting sleeping. But I miss you so much my love.

Night niggahs!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Meccamee Company Class

Yesterday was Chris's class! Sick wid it..Loved it! Mase-Feel So Good


Friday, September 18, 2009

Sunshine Turned Into Rain

So I'm typing this crying my eyes out and I can't see the keyboard that well. I'm really sad cuz I don't see my boyfriend as much anymore. I'm stuck at home doing nothing but reading, watching tv, internet...yada yaa. No life. But today I was really excited cuz he was home the whole day. & he asked me if I wanted to do something tonight and I got really excited/happy! Even if it was like chillen in the backyard or some caca like that. I didn't mind I was just happy. So I asked him if he can take me to Adonis' house at 9:30. He said yeah. Then he forgot he had this army meeting thing at 6...and I got sad =( Understandable...and he was hinting that Daff should pick me up. whole mood changed...not mad or angry at all...just really sad. Right when he left I started crying hysterically...=( I'm still tearing. Oh well...another day the same. It's ok I'm used to it. I feel really down right now...and I hate it how I don't have a car to go anywhere to escape from here. It's like I'm a prisoner...but not in a bad hostage type of way haha. I guess I'm just going to keep on reading Eclipse. Actually gonna eat...I'm really hungry =( starved actually. Then gonna get ready around 8:30 or when Daffi calls to tell me she's on her way. Have a great night everyone.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Ej & I tried to collab...but we failed. We are teaching tonight our we doing half of this song by ourselves and then half of it yay!! =)but boo! damnit we suck. Practice is going well...hopefully next week will be the same! and the next! and the next! booyaaakashaaa!

here's our new team =) 09-10
(minus a couple of people)

Oh and here's 08-09 team...

yadada yee!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

R.I.P Patrick Swayze

I forgot to post something about this...I think it was September 14th he passed away. He was in one of my favorite movies "Dirty Dancing" with Jennifer Grey. Ughh I love that movie! Good job Swayze for that one.

i need to find a new video -_- that ugly blue thing wont go away haha


So I was twittering, and sLikd asked if I heard his album. Honestly I havn' I went to his myspace and started listening to his music...and I like it! I suggest you download it...I don't listen to hip hop as much as I used to but maybe it's cuz of all this mainstream bullshit. but sLik, big ups to you! Click below to download his album "Summer Vibes". Also Nique & Chedda are featured ( in the album. Enjoy this mixtape!


So just to add this..Nique's album "Framed & Unfocused" is dropping this October..(Yee October birthdays!!) So look our for that =)

I'm your biggest fan..

Oh Lady Gaga...I'm stuck on her Paparazzi song! She's def one of a kind with her mind blowing outfits...damnit. Well I loved her performance...I can't wait for more to come! She has a nice voice too...oh you amazing woman...

She's also on the Manila based Status Magazine.

Monday, September 14, 2009

What to Do

So I just did the Meccamee sign in sheet and tried to do the roster but I'm a no good with Microsoft Word...cuz I'm dumb haha. Um VMAs was great entertainment last night =) I enjoyed it. Especially Lady Gaga and Pink's performances. Oh Kanye...da hail. HAHA. UMMM!

First prac of Meccamee is tomorow night and UR is tonight for SIO 4. Whoop de dooo. I don't feel like paying that much money...damnit. Faak dat.

My tummy hurts and I don't feel great. SO yeah...that's it

Saturday, September 12, 2009

She got FUNK

So I just want to show anyone who bothers to read this my top picks of women who have mad swag. =) Just my opinion so don't hate knee grows!

1. Janelle Monae

2. Santi White

3. P!nk

4. Lady Gaga

5. Karen Orzolek

6. Maja Ivarsson

YEEEEEAHHH! Bad ass women geezez. Why am I blogging so much today? haha geezez.

Random picture of my Day!

Charlie Chaplin on the set of "Pay Day" 1922

Ears ears ears

So lately as I've seen and read...Ears are trendy in the fashion world. Haha pretty cute/unique...I would rock em if I can pull em off...

It's cutesy in a way hehe =)

but not as cute as...

MAIA!!!! hehe =)

Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm a Hustlaaaaa

SOOO! I don't wear HB anymore but I really really really really really really....REALLY want these Hellz x Reebok collab releasing in Sept!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone plz somehow buy em for me...thanx. HA...whatevv but check it's black leather! =)