Thursday, September 24, 2009

Officially Missing You

Hello blogging world. I actually went job hunting today. YAY. I feel better about myself. Now my boyfriend is standing next to me reading this and it's very weird. Oh and Maia came in breathing up a storm. Umm I don't have much to type cool videos to show..or picture. So yeah....umm...

I love my boyfriend very much. =) I miss him even though we stay together. We don't hang out as's just like a bland we're just there. We havn't talked in a long time about anything, we havn't kicked it freely, we havn't just watched tv's crazy. So I just wanna say how much I miss him =( We co-direct Meccamee that's a bond?! Haha...but it's a have to thing...and theres a freakini grasshopper on the floor! EEEEP! Nasty. Well i'm pretty bummed how our relationship is...but it will get better in the is the hard times. *Maias pushing the grasshopper with her nose hahahaha so damn cute* Ok anyways! Ej Barba, I miss you so much. You're my everything but I may not show it. I love you in your army uniform. I love your smooth body. I love your cute ass smile. I love how you feed me. I love when you make your sad face and squint your eyes. I love when you pet Maia haha. I love your routine in cracking your back. I love your crooked tooth. I love when you sneeze three times in a row. I love/hate when you pick your nose randomly it's too funny. I love how you always go online and go to nicekicks/kanye blog/pickyourshoes/music sites. I love how you love me. Baby I love you! We're together and that's all that matters. Even though you check out other girls it's ok! lol. Futcher. I'm getting sleeping. But I miss you so much my love.

Night niggahs!

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