Friday, September 18, 2009

Sunshine Turned Into Rain

So I'm typing this crying my eyes out and I can't see the keyboard that well. I'm really sad cuz I don't see my boyfriend as much anymore. I'm stuck at home doing nothing but reading, watching tv, internet...yada yaa. No life. But today I was really excited cuz he was home the whole day. & he asked me if I wanted to do something tonight and I got really excited/happy! Even if it was like chillen in the backyard or some caca like that. I didn't mind I was just happy. So I asked him if he can take me to Adonis' house at 9:30. He said yeah. Then he forgot he had this army meeting thing at 6...and I got sad =( Understandable...and he was hinting that Daff should pick me up. whole mood changed...not mad or angry at all...just really sad. Right when he left I started crying hysterically...=( I'm still tearing. Oh well...another day the same. It's ok I'm used to it. I feel really down right now...and I hate it how I don't have a car to go anywhere to escape from here. It's like I'm a prisoner...but not in a bad hostage type of way haha. I guess I'm just going to keep on reading Eclipse. Actually gonna eat...I'm really hungry =( starved actually. Then gonna get ready around 8:30 or when Daffi calls to tell me she's on her way. Have a great night everyone.

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