Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nicest Thing

Hello my lovely blog. So much has happened in the past months and I miss blogging here =( But now I'm back! I love reading my past posts. Anyways...Meccamee just came back from SLO..It was an amazing trip! Too much fun and too many memories. I just want another trip like that soon. It's nice to break out and just have fun all weekend with the people you love most. Performance was crazy fun and the crowd gave us much love...Yee. Im going to miss that set =) Hehe. So now Ultimate Brawl?! Or nahh...futch it's a hard decision so IDK! Anywhoo. I need to get ready I'm gonna have lunch with Aguon lookin ass... then going to my fams I guess then WORK at 4 boo stain. THen prax at 9 with my lovelys!


Long time no blog...tumblr is whack hahaha. But I'm going to continue my blog I've had for 2 years since I can't leave it. For my eyes anyways. Ok going to sleep but I will update everything possibly tomorrow! =) Great night