Sunday, May 9, 2010

What's new Vegas?!

So I have nothing much to type about tonight. Hm Vegas is a boring city...if you're 21 shit you could just go to a bar and chill. Haha. Check this out though..lounge just opened at Town Square. It's a bar/hookah lounge.

it actually looks fun to go hang out. Haha

Oh and Stripper Bar at PH. It's been open for awhile but this big ass barbie lookin girl in front of the bar is not poppin

Hahah it's so ugly. Everytime I pass by it I laugh. =)

Anyways/ I think I'm gonna like reformat my blog and change it up. I'm back and I want a new and refreshing look. It'll take sometime cuz I'm picky. Nothing crazy I'm just tired of these colors and what not haha.


I hate relationships. They fuck you up in the head lol. But at the same time...they are amazing. WHY!!!! Haha =)

Goodnight for whoever reads this.

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