Monday, June 14, 2010

Vegas Eatery 1.0

So my best friend from California is out here and I want to make sure she has a good time! So far we have done so much! Lol, she said it feels like it's been a week. But YESTERDAY we decided to go to the beautiful Downtown Las Vegas to try out these fried oreos at Mermaids casino. I was pretty exited and felt like a tourist myself. Walking down Fremont street, watching the light show which was tribule to Don McLean and his song "American Pie." Vegas really is a beautiful city =)

Anyways! Back to the Fried Oreos! Yeah the place looked nasty like they needed to clean up a lil bit, LOL but for 99cents I shall try those suckas! SO we tried the oreos, and a twinkee to share. Oreos were BOMB. Covered in some kind of batter, tasting like funnel cake batter. With that funnel cake powder and chocolate sprinkles. I loved it. I suggest to try one if you're in the area. The twinkee was too much. A lil too sweet haha. Couldn't finish it. Good stuff...
Fremont Street


Twinkee and Oreos =)

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