Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So a couple nights ago I had a random phone chat with Mr. Justin Velasquez. It was nice talking to him again! We used to talk like 3 years ago...and ended in kind of badish terms. But to tell the truth, he was the best person to talk to. He always kept me staying positive, always had my back on my decisions, and most importantly I can be myself talking to him. He was a dope ass friend. If we kept our "friendship" (not our i like you friendship lol) we would of been Best Friends. Lol he even said so himself! So funny...I believe that in the future (or soon), we will continue our friendship and it'll be one to remember. Lol the texts last night were like "aww kawawa" status! Haha we still have good vibes! GOod shit Justin. You're dope nigga. Too bad I'm not lesbian LOL! -inside joke- <3 ya Fernan"DO" hahaha. Hella got that wrong it was hilarious. Shout out to you for being a good friend.

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