Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I have a good feeling this next set for Meccamee is going to be fire! And I'm super excited for SIO5. The only downfall is it's hard directing with Ej. It's hard to ALWAYS put up a front like everything is OK. When deep down inside it's futchin NOT. I really don't want to hang out or communicate with him for awhile but I just can't?! I got Meccamee to worry about. That's why he does all the talking at practice. I'm really happy aguon stepped up to be a leader cuz without him, it'll be worse for me. Yeah it's all business business with Meccamee but how long can this go on? Really though come on...Yeah we broke up, but why do you sometimes act like you want to be with me? When the words from YOUR mouth says other? Whatever dude. It's business right? Gotcha. Let's go Meccamee. Sorry for this random RANT. I'd go into hella details but I'm too lazy to type out EVERYTHING. Lol. cuz it's just wayyyy to much to explain. Cuz I'm "crazy."

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